Posted on: January 27, 2008 11:27 am

Are These People Serious?

I am finding all these people speaking out against Tiger Woods ridiculous. The color of your skin does not predetermine your personality, your worth, your reactions, or beliefs. It makes me wonder who are the true racists here. Tiger is a the best golfer in the world, he is half African American, he is a good citizen, he is not or ever claimed to be an activist for race relations. How do these people think that he is under some responsibility to speak out on issues the exact same way they would? I for one think Tiger is an individual and deserves to be respected as such, if he chooses not to take such offense at something ignorant a friend says that he would crusade to ruin her life, I feel that is commendable. Racism is intolerance, he has shown remarkable tolerance. These activists who have come out to bash him may need to look in the mirror and realize that one of the first roads to racism is to not see people as individuals, be careful. If you wish to speak out on something, do so, but do not think that just because someone has the same color skin as you that they must say, act, and do the same as you.
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