Posted on: January 22, 2008 6:15 pm

Heath Ledger Found Dead

I just heard about this at work while browsing the internet. I then began to wonder if I would always recall when and where I was when I heard of his death, a good chance I will now that I have written about it. No offense intended but if I hadn't wrote about it I seriously doubt it would have a lasting sting to me personally, when I told a fello co-worker who then asked me who he was I could only think of two movies off the top of my head that he had been in and I had only seen one of them, and NO it wasn't Brokeback Mountain. That was one of the two I thought of but not the one I had seen, the one I had seen was 10 Things I Hate About You. Now I am not sure why I recalled that film and not some others he has been in but that also led me on this thought of memory and what we remember and why. I know in my life I can remeber a number of famous people whom upon hearing of their death I felt actual honest to God grief, even though I had never met them, and for that reason knew I would never be able to forget the circumstances surrounding my finding out of there departures. Kurt Cobain was one; Joey Ramone, Derrick Thomas, Chris Farley, and Hunter S. Thompson were others. It is strange that in this day and age that total strangers can be such a powerful part of your life that you have true grief for them when they are gone. To all those distraught over the death of Heath Ledger I offer my sympathy.
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