Posted on: February 6, 2008 8:04 pm

....and I guess give me 1 more Bingo and 7 lucky.

Yeah well anyway this was a response I had to a thread titled "What really grinds my gears", but I thought I might as well put it in my Blog as well for posterity.

Seriously though what really grinds my gears is these poverty level retards who spend hours at a time inside a gas stations playing (paying) the lottery (voulantary tax). Its bad enough that they will stand at the head of the line for how ever long they want no matter how many people are in line behind them. I think a good idea would be for a chain of gas stations that refused to sell lottery. Wake up!! Quit paying to be poor, put that money in an IRA, a savings account, or a shoebox under your bed for God sakes. Because believe me from the looks of some of you lottery buyers you'll soon be needing it.

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