Posted on: February 15, 2008 10:59 am

I Have Discovered A New Type Of Person

I went to a concert last night, Flogging Molly in a small club in KY. I am usually someone who goes right to the front to enjoy a show, right into the muck if you will. This place was so packed however that the whole place was like being in the pit, so the group I went with headed to the balcony to perhaps at least be able to see the show and not the back of a mass of heads. I had never watched a show from a balcony and was hoping it would be a good place to see. The balcony was far less crowded but were still a line of people up against the railing about 3 or 4 deep. We settled in all trying to catch occasional glimpses of the band as the people ahead of us moved their heads from time to time. I thought about pushing to the front as I would down on the floor but then I remembered, you are in the balcony, there is a different etiquette up here. It was here I discovered this new species of human " I am the show guy".

So along the rail right in front was two huge guys and their homely girlfriends, when they needed beer or to urinate they would only go in pairs as to keep their spot up front. Which is understandable but somewhat annoying, oh if only the annoyance ended there. When this one bulky sot would come back from the bathroom or the bar he would grab and shove everyone out of the way to get back to his spot, once again annoying but still nothing I hadn't seen before. But then when the show began this wanker would turn around and face the people behind him and try to get people to give him high fives, tell people when to clap and even tried to make the people get a circle pit going. He started getting frustrated when the balcony people did not do as he said so he started shoving people like he was right in front of the stage and not in the balcony. I swear I wanted to slam him to the ground by his throat and scream you are in THE BALCONY you MORON.

I suppose I may have seen this guy in the pit but for the life of me I don't think even in the pit I have ever seen someone spend the whole show with his back to the band, playing to the crowd like he is somebody....WHO THE F%$K ARE YOU!! Turn around and watch the show, and if he had been in the muck I might not have even noticed, but he was in the balcony......THE BALCONY

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